Opportunity: Associate Editor for the "Critical Public Health" journal

The journal Critical Public Health is looking for a new Associate Editor for Africa and the Middle East.  Critical Public Health is a UK-based journal (that used to be called Radical Community Medicine) but has been steadily working to expand its readership and author profiles.

Ideally the prospective candidate should have knowledge of both the world of public health and the world of critical health social science/humanities. They should also be interested in and have experience with editorial work which will involve the initial review of submissions and  the management of peer review.

Further information can be found here. Also read the recent editorial by current Associate editor for Africa and the Middle East, Christopher Colvin about the People’s Health Movement and David Sanders.

For any queries, please contact: Chris Colvin email: CJ.Colvin@uct.ac.za before the 15th of August 2020.

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