MA in Medical Humanities at Durham University

Have you ever wondered how your previous studies or work experiences could be expanded, enriched and applied to pressing issues of health and wellness in our world?

Durham University’s Institute for Medical Humanities is proud to offer a new suite of taught postgraduate programmes in the critical medical humanities.

The field of Medical Humanities combines the insights and perspectives of the humanities and social sciences to address, critique, and reconfigure what it means to be healthy within and beyond the domain of medicine.

Our courses will introduce you to a variety of different perspectives and research methods for studying health and wellbeing, equipping you to undertake research in academic, clinical and health-related settings.

The courses will allow you to apply critical ideas and methods to important socio-cultural conceptions of health and human flourishing. As the director of the Institute, Prof Angela Woods, says, ‘Our starting point is to ask who gets to produce knowledge about health, and with what effects.’

Taught by a team of specialists from across the humanities and social sciences - including individuals working in healthcare and policy settings, activists, and experts by experience - these programmes provide outstanding interdisciplinary training to equip you with the skills that you need for a range of careers.

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