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THE MUNTU INSTITUTE is a research organization and a think-tank whose main objectives are:

  • Offer actors in the public, private and civil society sectors, through the production of analyzes in the social sciences, informed solutions in order to respond to the main challenges that arise in our societies;
  • Promote, through production, publishing and dissemination, in the social sciences and humanities, knowledge and skills from the African continent and its diaspora;
  • Contribute to the training of African researchers through the organization, creation and animation of spaces of intellectual and critical conviviality such as conferences, symposia, seminars, training workshops on various issues of social sciences and humanities;
  • Contribute, through the granting of scholarships, academic internships and prizes of scientific excellence, to the development of research in the field of social sciences and humanities in Africa;
  • Develop, through joint research programs and initiatives, cooperation between African researchers, the diaspora and other university communities.

It publishes, under the aegis of Muntu Institute Press which is its editorial structure:

  • Maarifa  (The Muntu Institute’s Research Notes and Policy Briefs)
  • Various collections as part of Muntu Institute Press.

It also conducts research programs, writes technical notes, organizes monthly conferences whose aim is not only to enliven the intellectual scene and establish a space for critical debate, but also to give voice to researchers from all generations, and this for the sake of transmission and sharing.

To contact us: contact@muntu-institute.org

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