July 4, 2020
Understanding intergenerational trauma in South Africa (article in Somatosphere)

Read the full article on Somatosphere. From the article: 

I bring these reflections to my dissertation work in South Africa where I’ve studied the intergenerational mental health impacts of stress and trauma from apartheid across three generations of black South African families living in the Soweto township of Johannesburg. In the early 1990s, thousands of expectant mothers (first generation) across race and class lines were enrolled into what is now a 30-year ongoing birth cohort study, the “Soweto Community Study” (SCS) (a pseudonym).

Reference information: Kim, A.W. 2020. "How should we study intergenerational trauma? Reflections on a 30-year birth cohort study in Soweto, South Africa". Somatosphere.