July 4, 2020
Uganda’s first ever online platform for practicing licenses for health professionals and facilities

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From the article: "Seeking a practicing license is now just a click away on the computer. The African Center for Global Health and Social Transformation (ACHEST) has successfully developed Uganda’s first ever online platform for the annual practicing licenses for health professionals and facilities. With support from the World Bank Group, the online platform is a game changer in the health sector. It automatically means that professionals will no longer have to travel hundreds of miles to the capital Kampala to register or renew their annual practicing licenses. One only needs to create an account and register in the portal to acquire the registration certificate. For previously registered professionals, login credentials will be forwarded to them on their cell phones. The platform was developed over a period of three years and can be accessed through: www.ehealthlicence.go.ug. During the launch of the platform at Sheraton Kampala hotel on November 26, 2019, several speakers hailed ACHEST for developing the innovation and added that this would make a difference in service delivery in the health sector. World Bank Group’s Senior Health Specialist, Bernard Olayo observed that it is draining for health workers go through the nightmare that comes with physically travelling to Kampala, which is host to the regulatory councils. “Picture a doctor who works in south west Uganda. It takes a day to travel to pay a license of sh20,000. There are accommodation costs to incur. If you are a private practitioner, you lose days because during that time, no one is helping you to do anything. Once in the city, you book an appointment, pick for application form, and then go to pay,” Olayo noted."