July 4, 2020
The sugar tax in South Africa

From the article: "In a recently published study on the political activities of the soft drinks industry in the lead up to South Africa introducing a sugar tax, we outlined the complex and systematic way in which big corporations and business associations misrepresented evidence to the country’s National Treasury.

The issue of evidence being cited by representatives from companies has become increasingly important. This is because of the growth of public consultations to collate evidence before new laws are passed.

We examined a selection of submissions that big companies made to South Africa’s National Treasury during a consultation process on the country’s proposed new tax on sugar. Chief among these were Coca-Cola South Africa, the largest soft drinks manufacturer in the country, the Beverage Association of South Africa, the business association for the soft drinks sector in South Africa, and the American Chamber of Commerce in South Africa, a collective voice of US transnational corporations in South Africa. Our analysis showed that the evidence cited by the three organisations was either not evidence at all, or had been twisted to suit the industry’s narrative."