July 4, 2020
Project hub: Urban lives (Bloemfontein August 2019)

"A two-day workshop on Urban lives, hosted jointly by the British Academy and the Academy of Social Science of South Africa brought together Michelle Pentecost, a physician-anthropologist and Isolde de Villiers, a legal scholar. We connected around the belief that are disciplines, medicine and law, are in the first instance part of the humanities. With that shared conviction we managed to secure seed funding from the British Academy to further explore what it might mean.  A two-day conference held in Bloemfontein in August 2019 marked the start of the exploration.

In sum, this event provided an important forum for an interdisciplinary conversation at the intersections of medicine, law and the medical humanities - a meeting point that requires repeat visits to realise the insights that working across these disciplinary boundaries might afford."