August 22, 2020
Portraying Africa in Hollywood (article from NPR)

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From the article: 

Last week, we asked our audience: If you were Beyoncé, what kind of Africa would you portray in Black Is King? The 85-minute film, written, directed and produced by Beyoncé, was released on July 31 on Disney+. With imagery, costumes, dances and music pulling heavily from African culture, many people from the continent had thoughts about the film — including the authors Esther Ngumbi and Ifeanyi Nsofor, who wrote an opinion piece for us titled "We Are Africans. Here's Our View Of Beyoncé's 'Black Is King.' " The authors acknowledged criticisms of the film – for example, some felt the animal print costumes perpetuated stereotypical representations of Africans. But ultimately, the authors loved the film.

Reference: Gharib, M. 2020. "We Asked, You Answered: How Should Beyoncé Portray Africa In 'Black Is King'?". NPR.