July 4, 2020
Pollution (and health) in the Nairobi River

From the website: "There are major concerns about the state of the river, which runs through the heart of the country’s capital – Nairobi. And Kenya’s national environmental management agency is cracking down on industries accused of discharging pollutants into the river.

But there are huge holes in the governance of the river and the city’s waste, which have enabled the river’s poor condition. More needs to be done to address this, especially as the city continues to grow.

These pollutants can affect the health of those who rely on the river, or live close to it. For instance, farmers along the Nairobi River and its tributaries commonly use polluted water and raw sewage for irrigation. This exposes them, and consumers, to disease or infections.

Compounds from industries can have wide-ranging effects. For instance, lead is known to affect children’s mental development, cadmium can damage kidneys and some compounds, like chromium, are carcinogenic."