July 4, 2020
Poet’s Corner (poem from the ‘On Being Project’ website)

Read more here. Quoted from the "On Being Project" website:

Leanne O’Sullivan was born in 1983 and comes from the Beara peninsula in Ireland's West Cork. The winner of several of Ireland's poetry competitions in her early 20s, she has published four collections of poetry, including, most recently, The Mining Road and A Quarter of an Hour. She teaches at University College, Cork.

“Leaving Early”

by Leanne O’Sullivan

My Love,

   tonight Fionnuala is your nurse.You’ll hear her voice sing-song around the wardlifting a wing at the shore of your darkness.I heard that, in another life, she too journeyedthrough a storm, a kind of curse, with the oceanrising darkly around her, fierce with cold,and no resting place, only the frozenrocks that tore her feet, the light on her shoulders.

And no cure there but to wait it out.If, while I’m gone, your fever comes down —if the small, salt-laden shapes of her songappear to you as a first glimmer of earth-light,follow the sweet, hopeful voice of that landing.She will keep you safe beneath her wing.