July 4, 2020
Poet's Corner

I am Stephon Bernard Clemons. I wrote this poem in 2012 and performed it at our Black History Month program, while at Riverbend Correctional Institution. This facility was built for low-crime severity level prisoners. We were to enter certain pre-release programs in an effort to rehabilitate us for society. Yet, there was wide spread violence, drug use, cigarettes and telephone (cell phone) trafficking daily. It was as if none of us had a chance of ever being relieved of our condition. Surely all praises belong to God Almighty for my restoration, renewal and continued transformation.

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1967. I grew up under the guidance of my Mother, step-Father, and Aunts. I fell prey to drug-use, then drug-abuse, at the age of 18. I finally got the strength and courage from the most high, to fight my addiction. I was inspired to write poems and songs from my life experiences – hopes and desires. Teachings in the late ’90’s also inspired me. Even to this day, I continue knowing and trusting that through me God does have a positive and powerful message for his people. I have also written a novel titled ‘NO TURNIN’ BACK’ (to be published soon). My current residence is at Trinity Christian Ministries – Trinity House Bell Street (link).

Learn more about Trinity House here. From the website: “We are a tough program for tough times. Each year, this program successfully prepares formerly homeless men to become self-sustaining members of society. With the support of our staff, volunteers, and collaborative partners, the Trinity House-Big Bethel and Trinity Living programs help homeless men, many of them veterans complete a transformational process, giving them a place to call home, feel safe, recover and ultimately rejoin the community. Be a part of our mission to help homeless men reclaim their lives and return to their families and communities as mentors and leaders.”

Let's Live

Why do we constantly hurt each other, why do we throw love away…?Just what would Jesus, Malcolm and Martin Luther do, if they were here today…?Witnessing the corruption and destruction of our youth…We’re packing jails and prison cells by running from the truth…That all men and women are created equal, but we must use our minds…We must have a relationship with God and not be spiritually blind…I’ve had to learn the hard way so now I’m helping others…I’ve done enough time for all of my friends, my sisters and my brothers…Violence and abusing drugs will never be the cure…We’ll have to get and stay in line with all that’s clean and pure…With all that’s sure to lift us up and off the path to hell…Because I want to hear on Judgement Day, my servant you have done well…Therefore I’m starting to get things straight by becoming a better man…And I’m putting away the devil’s deeds right now while I can…And I’m praying for the strength you know, that’s every day and night…Asking my God to please grant me the strength and will to fight…Every single day that I am alive…I’ll work to do my very best to live, not just to survive…

All rights reserved for Stephon B. Clemons.Please contact Stephon Clemons: stephonclemons@gmail.com.