July 22, 2020
Perspetives on Breath (articles from: Body and Society Journal, Life of Breath)

Read the special issue in 'Body and Society' here

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From the article: 

In the essay ‘Making Breath Visible: Reflections on Relations between Bodies, Breath and World in the Critical Medical Humanities’ Life of Breath project lead, Jane Macnaughton, considers the consequences of the literal and metaphorical invisibility of breath and particularly breathlessness. Breath, she argues, is a feature, not just of the lived body, but also of the social and political body. She explores how lack of descriptive language and cultural representations of breathing and breathlessness have led to lived experience being disregarded or simply ignored, pondering whether better insights might transform care and improve outcomes for people with respiratory illness.

Reference: Life of Breath. 2020. "Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Breath, Body and World (2020)".

Reference: Body and Society. 2020. "Special Issue: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Breath, Body and World".