July 4, 2020
Nuns are providing Covid-19 updates in Zambia (article from NPR)

Read the full article on NPR. From the article: 

Much of the vital health information surrounding the disease was being shared English, says Banda, who lives in the capital city of Lusaka. While English is Zambia's official language, many citizens speak a dialect from the Bantu family. And there are over 70 languages spoken across the nation. That made it challenging to convey public health messages to the country's 17 million citizens, even basic pandemic guidelines like wearing masks, washing hands frequently and following stay-at-home orders. So Banda hatched a plan. She'd host a live radio show to share information about the novel coronavirus in local languages.

Reference information: Baskar, P. 2020. "Who Do People Trust For Coronavirus Info? In Zambia, It's Nuns On The Radio". NPR.