November 22, 2022
NNMHR Congress 2023: Call for Submissions

The Call for Papers for Critical: NNMHR Congress 2023 has now gone live.

Reflecting on a decade since the ‘critical’ turn in medical humanities heralded by an experimental 2013 symposium hosted by Durham University, this congress—online for the second time—explores questions like:

  • What does the ‘critical’ in critical medical humanities mean to you?
  • What has critical medical humanities accomplished in the past ten years, and to what extent has it delivered on its early claims and promises?
  • What is happening in the field today (and conversely, what is not happening enough)? Where is this happening, who is involved, and who and what has been left out or marginalised in this turn?
  • What should be the aims and ambitions of critical medical humanities for the next ten years? What forms of material change should the field seeks to bring about, in what sites and settings, how, and for whom?

Abstracts are invited for:

  • ready-formed panels
  • individual papers
  • lightning talks
  • video poster presentations

We particularly welcome abstracts from those who do not necessarily identify themselves as medical humanities researchers, as well as those working outside the formal structures of the university.

Please note that proposals should address one of the following thematic strands:

  • Critical (what?)
  • Collaboration (with whom?)
  • Contexts (where?)
  • Methods (how?)
  • Materialities (to what effects?)

More information, including how to apply, can be found on the NNMHR website here.