July 4, 2020
Narrative: the Love of a Mother

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From the article: "It was the morning of October 4th when Halima walked into our new maternity center carrying a tiny package bundled up in a colorful fabric, her newborn baby. She had a preterm delivery at another hospital in the area — not one baby, not twins, but triplets! Her triplets were very premature, born at only 27 weeks. Survival at 27 weeks is rare, not only in Tanzania, but even in developed countries. Sadly, by the time Halima decided to come to FAME, two of the triplets had already passed away. The moment they arrived, FAME's nurses and doctors jumped into action, admitting Baby Patricia to our Special Care Nursery (SCN). She weighed only 1.98 lbs., but was clearly a fighter. These babies are known as micro-preemies and carry a huge risk for complications and mortality. Our Special Care Nursery is not equipped to provide the level of care typically necessary to save babies this fragile. However, there is a high-level NICU in Arusha that specializes in these cases (the only one in the country), so after stabilizing and evaluating Baby Patricia, our doctors recommended a transfer there. Despite being the best option for Baby Patricia, the cost of care there was simply beyond the family’s reach. They decided to stay at FAME and to reconsider only if Patricia’s health changed."