July 4, 2020
Managing heart disease in African countries

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From the article: "The burden of noncommunicable diseases in sub-Saharan African is growing because of factors such as demographic changes and increases in life expectancy. These diseases include heart attacks, stroke, cancer, respiratory diseases and diabetes. Poor people are more vulnerable to noncommunicable diseases and generally develop them at a younger age than their peers from high-income countries. Globally, more than half of the people with these diseases die before the age of 70. Over 80% of those premature deaths occur in low-income countries. Public health care in sub-Saharan Africa is largely unequipped to handle the strain caused by noncommunicable diseases. The burden is therefore likely to impede poverty reduction and hamper economic growth. One of the noncommunicable diseases that make up the burden is heart disease. This is a long-term medical condition and does not have to be fatal. About 7 million patients in sub-Saharan Africa are affected by heart disease."