July 4, 2020
Maintaining a healthy gut

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South African CapeTalk radio personality Kieno Kammies speaks to guest Dr Dhesan Moodley (medical doctor specializing in Functional, Anti-aging and Integrative Medicine) about how to maintain a healthy gut.

From the podcast: "Is your gut functioning optimally? Most of us know about the common functions like digesting foods. But we often forget about the integrity of the gut lining. If this is breached then we have inflammatory conditions. Now, the gut secretes substances like serotonin - which works in the gut and brain - to calm us down. If the gut barrier is breached then you get Irritable Bowl Syndrome or leaky gut. Then, in more severe cases, you feel like you have seasonal allergies. If this gets more severe then eczema or asthma, then more severe is arthritis or Lupus."