October 21, 2020
Holistic healthcare with CCP in Soweto (article by Health-E news)

Access full article from Health-E news. From the article: 

Although critical of the public health system in South Africa, Professor Shabir Moosa believes good governance and structural innovations can bring about change. Moosa is a family physician in the Gauteng Department of Health and Wits University and has been primarily focusing his work on the Chiawelo Community Practice (CCP) in Soweto since 2014. The CCP is at the end of a long corridor in a red brick building, identical to those around it in the Chiawelo Community Health Centre. What sets the practice apart from most clinics is that the waiting room is oddly empty. This isn’t primarily due to Covid-19, Although social distancing measures are in place. Majority of patients at CCP do not wait in line from the early hours of the morning but come in for scheduled appointments. The 30 000 or so residents from the directly surrounding wards have been registered by community healthcare workers (CHWs) for this service. This creates a focused and exclusive system that resembles private healthcare and is intended to create a close and more effective link between the community and healthcare providers.

Reference: Schutz, E. 2020. Pioneering holistic healthcare in Soweto. Health-E news.