October 21, 2020
Health is made at home, in Uganda (article from Africa Health)

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From the article: 

“Health is made at home and only repaired in hospitals when it breaks down. Be clean, eat well and do not share accommodation with animals." Any Ugandan who was old enough in the 2000s is likely to remember this slogan. It was contained in the Ministry of Health radio advert to advocate for people-led primary health care as a foundation of health systems. The catchy phrase “Health is made at home” was invented by the then Director General of Health Services, Prof. Francis Omaswa, who is currently the Executive Director at the Africa Centre for Global Health and Social Transformation (ACHEST). It has been widely quoted by health experts and enthusiasts to emphasise the role of an integrated and people-centred approach to health care that starts with individuals, families and communities. Fast forward to 2020, “health is made at home” will no longer just be a quotation, but also a title of a recently published book on global health!

Reference: Africa Health. 2020. "Health is made at Home Book Launched". Africa Health.