July 4, 2020
Event: attend the Hamwe Festival (Nov 8-13) in Kigali

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From the organisers: "Achieving the Global Health agenda requires that bridges be built between the health sector and other sectors. Hamwe Festival was created to bring the health sector together with creative industries, expanding the avenues of reflection around Global health. The main objective of the festival is to create an enabling environment for strong collaboration between sectors as well as to generate new insights into global health challenges and corresponding solutions, using the unique and complementary vantage points of artists and global health professionals. On numerous occasions, artists have used their creative power to inspire policy makers and populations. They have also been part of successful awareness campaigns to mobilize resources and stakeholders for change. We believe that including artists in the design and implementation of more health programs, in health education and other health interventions, can be a catalyst for action against seemingly intractable health challenges. The Hamwe Festival will be an annual event with the dual mission of celebrating the contributions of creative communities to the global health equity agenda and enabling artists, scholars, and global health professionals to collaborate to improve health around the world."