July 4, 2020
Event: Art and Science in Health seminar series - Neuroaesthetics

"I would like to invite you to the first seminar of 2020 in the series “Art and Science in Health” which we started last year. It is also at the beginning of a week in which the new UCT Neuroscience Centre will be officially launched, but the meeting will take place in the same venue as last year, the Frances Ames room in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The topic of discussion on 9th March is “Neuroaesthetics”, a new interdisciplinary field that sits right in the middle between science and art. The seminar will be from 5pm to 6.30pm.

Dr Kirti Ranchod is a neurologist based in Johannesburg, who was an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health in 2019 at the Global Brain Health Institute Fellow at Trinity College, Dublin. She is particularly interested in existing cultural/ traditional practices which promote brain health.

She will be in conversation with Gavin Rain, a pointillist artist from Cape Town with an interest in neuroscience https://gavinrain.com/

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