July 4, 2020
COVID-19 updates: preparedness and response in West Africa (article from Somatosphere)

From the article: “Whatever one may claim, this pandemic is banally generating what happened elsewhere in Africa during the Ebola epidemic: social inequalities in health, pharmaceutical shortage generated by austerity policies (Abramowitz 2016), denial and blame, contradictory injunctions in public health, undignified burials (Le Marcis 2015), academic delay, travel bans for Africans, isolation of countries that have caused the penalization of their entire economic sector: tourism, agriculture, markets. The reference to the Ebola epidemic as regards African popular reactions during this painful and worrying period largely echoes current experiences. The same scenarios force us to think symmetrically about the pandemic upheavals in different societies.”

Reference information: Thiongane, O. 2020. COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness and Response in West Africa: An Anthropological Lens. Somatosphere.