July 4, 2020
COVID-19 updates: mental health for researchers and mental health

From the article: “Beyond the frontline, social scientists have a crucial role to play in foreseeing, understanding, and analyzing the ongoing societal transformations, and in developing solutions that help our societies to move forward. How are our societies evolving from the geopolitical to the local level? What challenges are presenting themselves in the political, social, and economic fields? How will people cope—or not—with this societal crisis? Over the coming months and years, social scientists will tackle these issues. And they will often do this in “a field” that is also part of their “home,” interconnected with their personal lives. How can we safeguard the mental health of our scholars? How can we reinforce researchers’ resilience? Here, I invite universities and scientific institutions to think about how to adequately cope with the emotional challenges of research “in crisis.””

Reference information: Ansoms, A. 2020. Research in Times of Crisis: Caring for Researchers’ Mental Health in the Covid-19 Era. ITEMS – insights from the social sciences.