July 4, 2020
COVID-19 updates: join AfroPHC

"African Forum for Primary Health Care (AfroPHC). We, as health workers on the frontlines of Primary Care (PC) services in health systems of Africa and supporters of the Primary Health Care (PHC) approach, are committed to achieving universal health coverage (UHC) in Africa. However, it is very easy for UHC to be seen as a financial solution without the required reform in PC service delivery. The centrality of PHC to UHC efforts may become lip service especially when frontline PC worker voices are ignored in Africa. We feel that there is a serious risk of African UHC becoming directed towards specialist and hospital services focused on vocal city elites, rather than PC services and PHC approach that serves the often-silent masses, especially in rural communities."

Check out the #Masks4AllinAfrica campaign - "Sew a mask, Save a life!"

AfroPHC is offering an opportunity for any healthcare workers, especially in South Africa, to use a hotline for professional counselling under COVID-19. Call 0795137015. You can also join a group counselling/debriefing by Zoom at 9 am (Click here to join) and 6 pm (Click here to join). Make use of it as it is a free pilot until 17th April.

Upcoming AfroPHC webinars:

  • The next Johannesburg Health District CPD Webinar is on PPE in COVID-19 in the African setting. (see website)
  • 21st April - Public Health/CHWs: AMREF, TUFH (see website)
  • 19th May - Educators/Team: AfreHealth, AfriPEN, Primafamed (see website)

Check out previous seminars and webinars: