October 21, 2020
Covid-19 status in Kenya (article from The Conversation)

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From the article: 

Kenya’s healthcare system is made up of several systems: public, private and faith-based or NGO. About 48% are public and operate under the Ministry of Health, 41% are in the private sector, 8% are faith-based health services, and 3% are run by NGOs. Healthcare in public hospitals is free for some services, such as maternity care, and for those with national health insurance, in-patient treatment is free. Healthcare provided by private hospitals, faith-based institutions or NGOs usually comes at a cost and charges will vary. ... The mismatch between available care and needs manifests in two main ways: geographically and economically.

Reference: Mohiddin, A. Temmerman, M. 2020. "COVID-19 exposes weaknesses in Kenya’s healthcare system. And what can be done". The Conversation.