July 30, 2020
Covid-19 evictions in the City of Cape Town (article from EH!WOZA)

Read the full article and view video on EH!WOZA here.

From the article:

On Wednesday, 1 July, the police demolished Bulelani Qolani’s shack in eThembeni, Cape Town. The City of Cape Town’s law enforcement officers violently dragged Qolani out of his home – while he was naked. Qolani managed to get back into his shack. The police started to dismantle his house. Qolani says he had been living in his eThembeni shack for just over two months. The land on which his shack is situated belongs to the City of Cape Town.

View video here (from EH!WOZA)

Reference: COVID EVICTIONS. 2020. EH!WOZA.