June 14, 2022
Conversations about Arts, Humanities and Health with Dr Chisomo Kalinga (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Carla Tsampiras (University of Cape Town)

Join us for the concluding event of Season Three of Conversations about Arts, Humanities and Health with: Dr Chisomo Kalinga (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Carla Tsampiras (University of Cape Town) on Thursday 16 June at 4:00pm - 5:00pm BST (online)

Join us for the concluding event of Season Three of Conversations about Arts, Humanities and Health with:

Dr Chisomo Kalinga (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Carla Tsampiras (University of Cape Town) on Thursday 16 June at 4:00pm - 5:00pm BST (online).

Co-hosts Ian Sabroe and Dieter Declercq will talk with Dr Chisomo Kalinga and Dr Cara Tsampiras about the growth of Medical and Health Humanities Africa (MHHA). Adopting an intersectional perspective, we will explore many exciting projects and initiatives, focusing on the south of the continent.

Dr Chisomo Kalinga is a Chancellor’s Fellow at the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh. Her work approaches literary and medical narratives from a transdisciplinary approach using both aesthetic interpretation and ethnography. Her research interests are disease (specifically sexually transmitted infections), illness and wellbeing, biomedicine, traditional healing and witchcraft and their narrative representation in African oral and print literatures. She is currently supporting efforts to promote the Malawi Medical Humanities Network (MMHN), an interdisciplinary network for Malawian researchers, and the Medical and Health Humanities Network Africa (South Africa) to share events, programmes, projects and exhibitions that explore the links between health and the humanities.

Dr Carla Tsampiras is a senior lecturer in Medical and Health Humanities (MHH) in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She is a social historian of health interested in the relationships between narratives and ideas about gender, ‘race’, class, sexuality, and health (individual and planetary). She has written on the early years of the AIDS epidemic in South Africa; gender violence and slavery in the Cape colony; MHH in health sciences education and the development of the field of MHH in the region. Her current research work is concerned with flesh foods (meat), gender, power, and violence. She is a member of the Southern African Historical Society (SAHS), sits on the Environmental Humanities South working group, is a board member of the Institute for Medical Humanities at Durham, and is a founding member of the Medical and Health Humanities Africa network (https://www.medicalandhealthhumanities.africa)

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If you have any questions for Chisomo and Carla in advance of the event, please do email them to aestheticsandhealth@kent.ac.uk.      


Conversations about Arts, Humanities and Health is a series of free, online events where scholars, health professionals, and the public discuss how arts and humanities can inform healthcare. For each event, we have a conversation with a leading expert working at the intersection of humanities and health. These conversations are then produced into episodes of our podcast, an ever-growing catalogue of practical knowledge, observations, and candid insights directly from those at the forefront of medical humanities.  

Hosted by the University of Kent and with the support of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, Conversation about Arts, Humanities and Health events seek to develop meaningful dialogue and connection between humanities and medicine. This project is a joint initiative by Dr Dieter Declercq (University of Kent) and Prof Ian Sabroe (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and University of Sheffield).

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