July 29, 2020
Comparing Covid-19 responses in Rwanda and Ohio (article from NPR)

Read the full article on NPR here.

From the article: 

"Rwanda did a few things that are quite smart," says Sema Sgaier, the head of the Surgo Foundation, which has just launched a new data tool to analyze trends around COVID-19 across Africa. "One is they responded really early. They put some of the most stringent lockdowns in place compared to every other African country. In fact, we've been monitoring physical distancing data across the continent and Rwanda fares, I think, second; they've physical distanced the second most across Africa" — a conclusion based on mobile phone movement data. South Africa is No. 1.

References: Beaubien, J. 2020. "Why Rwanda Is Doing Better Than Ohio When It Comes To Controlling COVID-19". NPR.