October 21, 2020
BREATH virtual symposium starts today (by WiSER, UCT, and MHHA)

We are delighted to announce that the BREATH: INSPIRE/EXPIRE virtual symposium starts TODAY (Tuesday, 20 October 2020) and we would love for you to be part of the events.

Discussions on the topic of breath have become pertinent with the coronavirus affecting how we think about breath and breathing; lungs and livelihoods; and as we bear witness to the asphyxiation of the planet and people at the hands of the powerful and privileged.

BREATH: INSPIRE/EXPIRE brings together academics, artists, activists and practitioners who work on the intersections of social sciences, humanities, health sciences, arts and activism to creatively think about the many ways that breath and breathing feature in our everyday lives. We invite you to join us to collectively explore themes around breath - the physical processes to inhale, or inspire - and exhale, or expire - as well as metaphorical or conceptual extensions of what it means to inspire and expire.

The programme features diverse presentation formats including academic panels, poetry, photography film, and music. You can attend the live virtual events that include academic panels, workshops, and keynote speakers (or view recordings of them). You can also visit our virtual galleries where we will be posting creative works that can be accessed over the period of the symposium.

Diarise the dates for our two keynote speakers:

Dr Ela Manga, Integrative Medical Practitioner, 29 October 2020

Prof. Jane Macnaughton, Director, Institute for Medical Humanities, Durham, 12 November 2020

Browse the programme and register for events on the BREATH: INSPIRE/EXPIRE website.

We will be sending weekly updates through this list (please encourage others who may be interested to subscribe here), and regular updates and information on the events will also be posted on the MHHA Facebook Group, Twitter MHHA (@AndMhha) and on Instagram.

The symposium is organised by the Medical Humanities programme at WISER, in conjunction with the Primary Health Care Directorate at UCT and we would appreciate you being part of it.